Stories of a Jewish Community Day School

Sixth Graders Author Original Short Stories in Spanish to Share with Bilingual Preschoolers

MILTON sixth grade Spanish students have been writing original short stories to share with preschool-aged children at a bilingual school. Since many of the children at this school are Spanish-speaking, our class wrote and illustrated beautiful books in that language for the five-year-old class. “I liked writing books in Spanish …

Torah Talk for Parashat Acharei Mot-Kedoshim

In these parashot, Hashem instructs Moshe regarding the procedures for Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement); Hashem then tells Moshe to give the people a series of ethical and ritual laws instructing them on how to be holy. MILTON’s core value of m’dor l’dor, “from generation to generation,” is reflected in …

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Elementary School Director Arielle Derby to Lead Cohort in Pedagogy of Partnership Day School Fellowship

We are delighted to announce that MILTON has been selected to be in the inaugural cohort of the Pedagogy of Partnership Day School Fellowship. Elementary School Director Arielle Derby will lead a team of MILTON educators – Grade 5 General Studies Teacher Marissa Bullock, Grade 4 General Studies Teacher Hanina Goldstein, …

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Torah Talk for Parashat Tazria-Metzora

In these parashot, Hashem instructs Moshe on the purification rituals for mothers following childbirth, describes to Moshe and Aharon the procedures for identifying and responding to those infected with tzara’at (usually translated as leprosy) and the purification ritual for people and homes afflicted with leprosy, and instructs Moshe and Aharon …

April 17, 2018|By |Author Type:Faculty and Staff| Topics: Torah Talks|Tags: Parent-Child Learning|

Sixth Graders Explore the Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain

MILTON sixth graders have been diving deep in science class into a unit on human body anatomy and physiology. To enhance their learning, the students took part in Brain Awareness Week events at the National Museum of Health and Medicine. The visit was a great opportunity to explore the exciting …

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Find out what makes a MILTON education and the MILTON community so special. Watch our video today!

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