Stories of a Jewish Community Day School

What Distinguishes MILTON’s Hebrew Program?

Over the past several years, we have worked in partnership with families to incorporate changes and produce an effective, engaging, and rich Hebrew program. We are happy to report that MILTON’s Hebrew students have outperformed national averages in second language acquisition. Our Hebrew education program utilizes best practices and is informed by …

Torah Talk for Parashat Vayikra

In this parasha, God commands Moshe regarding various types of korbanot (animal and vegetative offerings): what they should consist of and under what circumstances they should be offered. This parasha illustrates and elucidates an often misunderstood principle in the Torah. Rashi is fond of quoting the Talmud in Masechet Pesachim 6b: “There is no chronological order …

March 13, 2018|By |Author Type:Faculty and Staff| Topics: Torah Talks|Tags: Parent-Child Learning|

Meet the 2018 Purim Ball Honorees

Each year at Purim Ball, we honor MILTON parents and others for their devoted leadership and service to the school. This year we recognize Kimby and Lawrence Berger; Kimberly and John Hasenberg; Cinthia and Horacio Rozanski; Sandy and Ted Schulman; and Sharon Freundel. Learn about these remarkable people, their commitment …

Torah Talk for Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei

In these parshiyot the Bnei Yisrael bring so many materials for the construction of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) that Moshe tells them to stop; Betzalel and Oholiav, gifted craftspeople, construct the elements of the Mishkan. The work of constructing the Mishkan is completed; Moshe receives the command to anoint its vessels …

March 5, 2018|By |Author Type:Faculty and Staff| Topics: Torah Talks|Tags: Parent-Child Learning|

In the News: Washington Post Columnist Highlights Our Logo!

What does MILTON have in common with a nightclub? Washington Post columnist John Kelly highlighted our logo in his column about cool logos around DC! Check it out >

March 1, 2018|By |Author Type:Press| Topics: Milton Moments|Tags: In the News, Washington D.C.|

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MILTON School Video 2017-18

Find out what makes a MILTON education and the MILTON community so special. Watch our video today!

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