Stories of a Jewish Community Day School

JPDS-NC Faculty Teams Awarded Two of Six Kohelet Prizes for Excellence in Jewish Education

JPDS-NC’s faculty teams were awarded two of the six 2017 Kohelet Prizes for Excellence in Jewish Education. The Kindergarten General Studies team – comprised of Lisa Davis, Xani Pollakoff, and Vas Pournaras – won the “Award for Development of Critical and/or Creative Thinking” category for the Community Library Project from the 2015-2016 …

Torah Talk for Parashat Mishpatim

In this week’s parasha, Moshe informs the people of numerous ethical and ritual laws and seals the brit (covenant) between the Bnei Yisrael and Hashem. One of the numerous laws in the parasha states (22:20): “Do not wrong a stranger nor oppress him for you were strangers in the land …

February 21, 2017|By |Author Type:Faculty and Staff| Topics: Torah Talks|Tags: Parent-Child Learning|

Torah Talk for Parashat Yitro

Yitro, Moshe’s father-in-law, suggests a system for establishing lower courts to settle disputes; Hashem articulates the Aseret HaDibrot (Ten Commandments) to the Bnei Yisrael amidst fire, smoke, and sounds of the shofar. We often translate Aseret HaDibrot, as I did above, as “The Ten Commandments.” However, they are not really …

February 16, 2017|By |Author Type:Faculty and Staff| Topics: Torah Talks|Tags: Parent-Child Learning|

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Pick-Your-Prize Raffle Now Open!

Need a vacation? A trip to France, Costa Rica, or your choice of ten exciting PICK-YOUR-PRIZE RAFFLE …

Purim Ball Tickets On Sale

The Purim Ball & Auction is coming to the National Press Club on March 19. Join the JPDS-NC comm …

Welcome to JPDS-NC

The best way to learn about our dynamic program and warm community is to visit! Tour classrooms, see …

Celebrating Our New JPDS-NC Prayerbook: Siddur Am Echad, the Siddur of One People

When we were unable to find a multi-denominational, kid-friendly siddur (prayerbook), we created our …

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