Stories of a Jewish Community Day School

Comparing Communities: Kindergarteners Engage in In-Depth Study of Social Insects

This year in Kindergarten, our Project Work curriculum was intentionally designed to use the theme of Community. In the second semester, we focused on comparing our community to those of social insects including ants, bees, and wasps. We specifically chose social insects because they naturally connect to humans as they …

May 24, 2016|By |Author Type: Faculty and Staff |

Torah Talk for Parashat Behar

In this parasha, God tells Moshe to instruct the people on the laws of the Sabbatical and Jubilee years, as well as on how to relate to those in the community who become impoverished. Anyone who has visited the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia (including all those who have passed through our …

May 24, 2016|By |Author Type: Faculty and Staff |

Re-accreditation Process: Report on the AIMS Team Visit This Week

On Sunday afternoon, eleven educational leaders came to JPDS-NC to start an intensive three-day visit to our school, a significant step in our school’s re-accreditation process for the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools (AIMS). They visited every classroom and observed every teacher. They met with administrators, parents, trustees, …

May 19, 2016|By |Author Type: Faculty and Staff |

Sixth Graders Create Hebrew-Language Documentary Films Exploring Family Immigration Stories

This spring, Sixth Grade Hebrew students at JPDS-NC began a unit on their family’s history, roots, and journey to America, culminating in each student creating a documentary film in Hebrew about their family’s immigration stories. Throughout this project, the students practiced advanced Hebrew language skills, expressing complex ideas and using …

May 19, 2016|By |Author Type: Faculty and Staff |

Torah Talk for Parashat Emor

In this parasha, Hashem gives Moshe a series of laws specific to the cohanim (priests); Hashem then instructs Moshe to tell the people about the festivals in addition to the laws of blasphemy and murder. The Torah commands us the following (23:15-16): “And you shall count for yourselves from the …

May 17, 2016|By |Author Type: Faculty and Staff |

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Stay connected to the latest happenings on the Middle School. Check out the schematic designs – drafting and changes continue, but we wanted to share the designs thus far.

Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture

Join us on Monday, June 20 for the 10th Anniversary Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture with U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro in conversation with Charles Lane, Editorial Writer for The Washington Post, with personal remarks from Yuval Ravin. Purchase tickets here.

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