Stories of a Jewish Community Day School

Torah Talk for Parashat Eikev

In this parasha, Moshe continues his speech to the Bnei Yisrael, reminding them to keep Hashem’s commandments when they enter the land of Israel. Chapter 8, verses 3-10 describe a literal or metaphorical partnership between Hashem and the Jewish people and the dichotomy between our physical and spiritual existences. These …

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Joy in Learning

Experience and research show that engaging students to follow their curiosity, to experience the joy in learning, and to enjoy the satisfaction of mastery ignites innate motivation and drives intellectual growth. Across the educational spectrum, this observation is often presented as a dichotomy: educators who emphasize joy and curiosity as …

Torah Talk for Parashat Va’etchanan

In this parasha, Moshe stresses to the Bnei Yisrael the importance of keeping Hashem’s commandments when they enter the land of Israel; Moshe repeats the Aseret HaDibrot (Ten Commandments) and utters the Sh’ma and V’ahavta passages. Two poignant stories – one from the ancient world and one from the last …

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Torah Talk for Parashat Devarim

In this parasha, Moshe recounts to the Bnei Yisrael different episodes from the 40 years in the wilderness; he gives them encouragement as they look ahead to their upcoming conquest of the land of Cana’an. One of the episodes Moshe recounts is the defeat of Og, King of the Bashan. …

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A Letter from Athletic Director Yonah Singer

I am thrilled and excited to join the staff of a place as amazing as JPDS-NC. Athletics is a true passion of mine and I look forward to continuing and growing the athletics program at JPDS. I grew up in Silver Spring and graduated from the Berman Hebrew Academy. After graduation and …

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