Stories of a Jewish Community Day School

Educating for Responsibility

On October 4 – a few days before Yom Kippur – I presented the first in a series of lectures for MILTON’s middle school Scholars Forum on Jonah and his aborted escape from responsibility. I don’t often get to teach middle schoolers in my work, and I was particularly excited …

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Students Reflect on Leadership with a Jewish Lens

Dr. Erica Brown – author, educator, and the Director of the Mayberg Center for Jewish Education and Leadership at the George Washington University – was the guest lecturer at MILTON’s Scholars Forum recently. Erica led a discussion with the sixth graders about the themes of responsibility, accountability, and leadership by …

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Torah Talk for Parashat Noach

In this parasha, we hear the story of Noach and the flood, its aftermath when Noach planted a vineyard and got inebriated and his son saw “his nakedness,” and finally, the story of the Tower of Babel and the birth of Avram. The Noach flood story is a transitional story, …

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Torah Talk for Parashat Bereshit

In this parasha, we read about ma’aseh bereshit (the Act of Creation); Adam and Chava’s sin of eating fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad and their subsequent expulsion from Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden); Kayin’s murder of his brother, Hevel; and Adam and Chava’s descendants’ genealogy, culminating with the birth …

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Admission Open Houses

Join us for a Middle School Open House on October 25 and an Admission Open House on November 15. Exp …

MILTON School Video 2017-18

Find out what makes a MILTON education and the MILTON community so special. Watch our video today!

Learn about Milton

The best way to learn about our dynamic program and warm community is to visit! Tour classrooms, see …

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