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Pre-Kindergarten Students Donate Mural to Children’s Hospital

Pre-Kindergarten students created a vibrant, large-scale mural which they donated to Children’s National Medical Center. The mural, titled “Teamwork, Love, and Togetherness,” was inspired by the artwork and social activism of Keith Haring. The donation to Children’s Hospital was inspired by the fact that in 1988, Keith Haring painted and displayed a mural on the White House lawn, which was then donated to the Children’s Hospital. The original painting has since been sold, but after …

MILTON Celebrates Mitzvah Day

The whole school celebrated Mitzvah Day yesterday (6/13, in honor of the 613 mitzvot listed in the Torah). On the North Campus, children and adults spent a week writing down different mitzvot they performed on paper hearts, then decorated the North Campus with them! Students were challenged to go on a mitzvah scavenger hunt and see how many types of mitzvot our community performed. Some of the mitzvot the students did, or saw others do, included learning …

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Torah Talk for Parashat Korach

This week’s parasha is about the rebellion of Korach and his men against Moshe and Aharon, whom they felt should not be the heads of the Jewish people. The rebellion failed miserably, and Korach and his men are “swallowed by the earth” in an earthquake. Hashem then instructs Aharon regarding laws of the priesthood. The parasha opens by introducing the people involved in the rebellion, including Korach the son of Yitzhar, Datan and Aviram the …

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Sixth Grade Documentary Film Premieres

One June 4, MILTON sixth graders showcased a documentary film they produced as part of their year-long study of leadership, collective memory, and institutional change. The project was part of MILTON’s inaugural Scholar’s Forum, an innovative anchor of the new Moses Family Middle School curriculum. Students learned from parent and community experts about archival research, interview techniques, filmmaking, and more – and connected their study to Jewish texts and values. The resulting film, the sixth graders’ culminating project, premiered …

Torah Talk for Parashat Shlach

In this parasha, Moshe sends scouts to explore the Land of Israel; ten of them convince the people that it will be too difficult to conquer the land; Hashem responds to their lack of confidence by punishing Bnei Yisrael with 40 years of wandering in the wilderness. The people are given the commandments of meal offerings, libations [liquid offerings], challah [an offering of dough], and tzitit [fringes on four-cornered garments]. The maftir of this parasha …

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Torah Talk for Parashat Beha’alotecha

In this parasha, the Bnei Yisrael receive instructions regarding Pesach; they journey forth from Sinai and complain to God on several occasions, provoking God’s anger; Miriam and Aaron speak against Moshe. The episode of Miriam and Aharon speaking against Moshe sounds like something any of us might involve ourselves in. Read more >

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In the News: Kol HaBirah Covers Meaningful Jewish Learning at MILTON

Kol HaBirah Newspaper published an article about a variety of meaningful Jewish learning and tefilah experiences at MILTON, including Chagigat HaSiddur, TEVA, and the fourth grade dream-catchers project. Read the article here >

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Torah Talk for Parashat Naso

In this parasha, Hashem outlines the service of the Gershon family of Levi’im (Levites), gives the laws relating to the sotah (suspected adulteress) and the nazir (nazirite), and describes to Moshe and Aharon the birkat cohanim (priestly blessing); the heads of tribes bring gifts to the Mishkan (Tabernacle). An interesting mitzvah, derived from this parasha, addresses not the cohanim or levi’im alone, but all of us. Chapter 5, verses 6 and 7 state: “Speak to …

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MILTON Hosts Community Day of Learning for Local Educators

MILTON’s early childhood academic team hosted another Community Day of Learning for educators in the Washington area last week. Thirteen educators from four area schools, including Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School in DC, Beauvoir in DC, Shaare Torah in Gaithersburg, and Ohr Chadash in Baltimore, participated in a day of professional development focusing on “Project Work: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood.” The program included a presentation by our Pre-K …

Torah Talk for Parashat Bemidbar

In this parasha, Moshe conducts a census of the Israelites and the Levites, and sets up the structure of the wilderness encampment; Hashem describes the unique duties of the Kehati family from which the cohanim (priests) come. This week’s parasha, Bemidbar, begins the fourth of the five Books of Moses. The book of Bemidbar focuses on the forty years of the Israelites’ wanderings in the wilderness. The Israelites’ camp was set up as follows: in …

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