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Torah Talk for Parashat Haazinu

At the end of Moshe’s last speech to Bnei Yisrael, Hashem tells Moshe to write down a song to teach to the Israelites. “Put this song in their mouths,” Hashem says, “so that the words may become a witness for Me against them. After I bring them to the land that flows with milk and honey, they will eat and be satisfied and become obese. They will turn to other gods and serve them and …

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Fifth Graders Discuss and Learn about Confederate Memorial

Near the New North Campus, on the edge of an old graveyard, stands a memorial to Confederate soldiers. After noticing the stone obelisk at the start of school, the fifth grade Stars & Stripes class wanted to learn more. During the first week of school, we used a Thinking Routines exercise called “See, Think, Wonder.” Students looked closely at the memorial and noted what they observed, what they thought about it, and what it made them wonder. …

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Consistency in Class Placement: Forming Hebrew and Judaic Studies Classes that Support our Mission and Improve Results

At MILTON, we foster joyful and dynamic classroom communities through intentionally-created learning environments. Our approach reflects our vision of each child as a whole and unique individual and our commitment to a culture of inclusivity. We consider a variety of criteria – including social dynamics, gender balance, relationships among students, and best fit between the students’ learning styles and the faculty members’ teaching styles – when determining the placement of students in classrooms. Our experiences …

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Torah Talk for Parashot Nitzavim-Vayelech

In these parashot, Moshe describes the brit (covenant) between Hashem and Bnei Yisrael (the Israelites), urging Bnei Yisrael to uphold the brit and honor the Torah so that they may be rewarded with life in the land of Israel. He concludes his speech, blesses Yehoshua, and instructs the community to gather every seven years to read publicly from the Torah. Hashem predicts the eventual straying of Bnei Yisrael. The second-to-last mitzvah in the Torah appears …

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Read-a-thon to Support Hurricane Harvey Victims

An important middah (moral virtue) is achrayut (responsibility). As teachers and as parents, we spend much of our time working to instill in our children a sense of responsibility for themselves, their behavior, and their work. But we also look for opportunities to teach our children that our responsibility does not end with ourselves – that, in a sense, we are all responsible for one another and for the planet in which we live. The tragedy …

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Torah Talk for Parashat Ki Tavo

In this parasha, Moshe instructs Bnei Yisrael (the Israelites) about the first fruit offering and elaborates on the terms of the covenant by listing the blessings for keeping the commandments and the punishments for disobeying them. One misconception that many people hold is that prayer did not begin as a Jewish ritual practice until after the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (the Temple). This parasha is one of the places in the Torah that puts …

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Scholars Forum Launches!

The Scholar’s Forum program launched this week with a visit from two guest speakers, a study of Jewish texts in which students connected sacred writings to their own lives, and a warm and open discussion led by students who shared stories and memories about the indelible moments of friendship and learning they experienced together at our school. It was an inspiring and meaningful launch to this signature middle school program. Scholars Forum is a weekly …

Welcome to the New School Year!

Welcome to the 2017-18 school year! We were thrilled to open the doors at the South Campus and the New North Campus for the first day of school. The classrooms and hallways were filled with joyful energy – teachers and students created new classrooms communities, hugs as old friends reconnected and giggles as students made new friends, singing in the Kikar and Ulam, and classrooms already filling with curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. It was …

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MILTON School Video 2017-18

Find out what makes a MILTON education and the MILTON community so special. Watch our video today!

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Torah Talk for Parashat Ki Teitzei

In this parasha, Moshe enumerates many laws that relate to topics of family relationships, interpersonal ethics, and forbidden mixtures. The concept of tzedek (righteousness/justice) that featured prominently in last week’s parasha continues this week. Devarim (Deuteronomy) 24:10-15 describes how we should treat debtors and laborers with sensitivity, fairness, dignity, and justice. The mitzvot expressed in this passage contrast starkly with the laws of some other ancient civilizations. Read more >

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