Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation's Capital

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Board of Trustees


Executive Committee
Greg Shron, President
Kinney Zalesne, President-Elect
Horacio Rozanski, Vice President
David Cohen, Treasurer
Kimberly Berger, Secretary


Kimberly Aftergood
Elizabeth Goldel
Janine Goodman
Helaine Greenfeld
John Hasenberg
Steven Himmelfarb
Tova Jaffe
Daniel Jinich

Steven Laufer
Renee Matalon
Gayle Neufeld
Marvin Rosenberg
Alisa Schreier
Edward M. Schulman
Mindy Sosland
Robert Zucker



Kay and Robert Schattner Center   |   North Campus - 6045 16th Street, NW   |   South Campus - 4715 16th Street, NW   |   Washington, DC 20011   |   202-291-JPDS (5737)

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The Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital is an independent, community Jewish day school that offers a dual curriculum of General and Judaic studies for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6. The school is coeducational, and welcomes students from the entire spectrum of Jewish observance.