Elementary School Director Selected for Prizmah’s YOU Lead Program

Elementary School Director Arielle Derby was recently selected to join the 2017-18 cohort of Prizmah’s YOU Lead program, an eight-month leadership development program for Jewish day school professionals that focuses on mentorship and peer support. Arielle was selected from a pool of applicants from Jewish day schools across the country. YOU Lead helps both established and emerging leaders in the field of Jewish education further their leadership skills through a comprehensive curriculum designed to augment individual strengths …

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Milton Teacher Selected for Library of Congress Summer Teacher Institute

Milton teacher Vinny Prell was selected from a pool of more than 300 applicants from across the United States to participate in the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Summer Teacher Institute. During the five-day program, participants work with Library education specialists and subject-matter experts to learn effective practices for using primary sources in the classroom, while exploring some of the millions of digitized historical artifacts and documents available on the Library’s website. Educators …

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In the News: Prizmah Interviews Middle School Director Lisa Schopf

Last year, Middle School Director and Sixth Grade teacher Lisa Schopf participated in Prizmah’s YOU Lead program, an eight-month leadership development program for Jewish day school professionals that focuses on mentorship and peer support. Recently Lisa sat down with Shira Loewenstein, the Director of YOU Lead, to talk about her experience in the program and reflect on the year since. Read the interview here >

In the News: The Northwest Current Covers Kohelet Prize Wins

Local newspaper The Northwest Current published an article last week about the two JPDS-NC faculty teams that recently won Kohelet Prizes for “extraordinary accomplishment” in Jewish education. Congratulations to the winners! Read the article here >

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JPDS-NC Faculty Teams Awarded Two of Six Kohelet Prizes for Excellence in Jewish Education

JPDS-NC’s faculty teams were awarded two of the six 2017 Kohelet Prizes for Excellence in Jewish Education. The Kindergarten General Studies team – comprised of Lisa Davis, Xani Pollakoff, and Vas Pournaras – won the “Award for Development of Critical and/or Creative Thinking” category for the Community Library Project from the 2015-2016 school year. A cross-grade, multi-disciplinary team – comprised of Hanina Goldstein, Mindy Hirsch, Kelly McAllester, Vinny Prell, Melissa Rickabaugh, and Devorah Yeganeh – received the …

Ari Zymelman Lecture Series on Parenting Education: Screen-Time Struggles

While I consider myself to be a capable parent, the topic of technology is one that I want support around. There are websites, articles, and resources on the issue. But where to look next? The answer: JPDS-NC! Next week, the JPDS-NC parent community will gather for the screening of the documentary “Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age,” followed by facilitated table discussions so that we can share our responses to the film and conceptualize …

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JPDS-NC Students Create Voter’s Guide

The students at the Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital invite you to read their Voter’s Guide: Kids’ Voices Count. Students created the Guide in order to share kids’ perspectives on key election issues, addressing such topics as foreign policy, healthcare, immigration, globalization and trade, public land use, D.C. statehood, and more. For the past five weeks, JPDS-NC students from Pre-Kindergarten to Sixth Grade delved into election issues, met with experts, dialogued with …

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In the News: Students Study Issues as Election Approaches

JPDS-NC students are in the news discussing our schoolwide election project, and sharing their learning on political campaigning, trade, public land use, D.C. statehood and more. Enjoy the Washington Jewish Week article about the JPDS-NC Election Project: Kid’s Voices Count.

The Importance of Voice and D.C. Statehood: A Second Grade Election Project Update

One of the highlights of Second Grade at JPDS-NC is their study of Washington, D.C., so the issue of D.C. statehood was chosen for the Second Graders to grapple with in our Election Project. The journey they took to arrive at a place where that question held relevance was impressive indeed. The Second Grade teachers quickly realized that without an understanding, first, of what it means to have a vote or a voice, and second, …

Sharon Freundel, Director of Jewish Life, Named to Elite Innovation Design Team of Jewish Educators by the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge

Sharon Freundel, JPDS-NC’s Director of Jewish Life, has been named one of only 10 Jewish educators in the world who will serve on HaKaveret, an innovation design team focused on improving Jewish education. The team of elite Jewish educators will spend the next year learning with and from each other as well as external experts, and developing multiple innovative and engaging models for delivering Judaic education in Jewish day schools. The models will then be …

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