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“State of the School” Report

As we embark on this exciting new chapter in our school’s life, it is important to reflect on our goals and priorities we hold as a school and as a community – and to examine our current and future positioning in relation to those goals. The Strategic Plan 2015-2020, approved by the Board of Trustees in 2014, centers on the 3 E’s: Excellence, Enrollment, and Endowment. We are tackling these areas of focus from multiple …

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In the News: Prizewinning JPDS-NC Voters’ Guide featured in Local Newspaper

Writing about JPDS-NC’s prizewinning schoolwide election project, the reporter observed: “The wealth of information, lessons learned, and skills developed were evident… the students indeed demonstrated a unique ability to discuss and respectfully provide nuanced perspectives on the issues. Perhaps even more impressive, they admitted on numerous occasions that the issues were very complex and that there may not be a right or wrong answer to each one of them… It is encouraging that tomorrow’s leaders are …

In the News: Kindergarten Community Library Project featured in Local Newspaper

“Impressive, collaborative, strategic, caring, and dedicated are some of the adjectives that come to mind after talking with Jewish Primary Day School’s (JPDS) Kindergarten General Studies team, comprised of Lisa Davis, Xani Pollakoff, and Vas Pournaras. Despite teaching separate classes, these educational leaders work closely together, planning their sessions on a weekly basis, discussing their students’ skill sets and coming up with creative ways to simultaneously further develop them and learn from them. Ronit Greenstein, …

JPDS-NC Faculty Teams Awarded Two of Six Kohelet Prizes for Excellence in Jewish Education

JPDS-NC’s faculty teams were awarded two of the six 2017 Kohelet Prizes for Excellence in Jewish Education. The Kindergarten General Studies team – comprised of Lisa Davis, Xani Pollakoff, and Vas Pournaras – won the “Award for Development of Critical and/or Creative Thinking” category for the Community Library Project from the 2015-2016 school year. A cross-grade, multi-disciplinary team – comprised of Hanina Goldstein, Mindy Hirsch, Kelly McAllester, Vinny Prell, Melissa Rickabaugh, and Devorah Yeganeh – received the …

Introducing the New JPDS-NC Siddur: Siddur Am Echad

We are delighted to introduce the fourth edition of the JPDS-NC siddur (prayerbook). Nine years ago, we embarked on our quest for a multi-denominational, kid-friendly siddur. Unable to find such a thing, we created our own and have been successfully using it for the past six years. With this newest edition, we have renamed it Siddur Am Echad, literally, “the siddur of one people,” or alternatively and more in line with our vision, “the siddur of a unified people.” Jews of …

Happy Thanksgiving from JPDS-NC!

We wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, and extend our thanks to the community for their involvement, commitment and support! Enjoy this Thanksgiving video from our students and staff!

In the News: the Northwest Current Highlights our Election Project

The Northwest Current, a local newspaper serving Northwest Washington, DC, recently highlighted the JPDS-NC election project in their “Spotlight on Schools” section! Check it out here >

First Graders Reflect on Veterans Day

JPDS-NC students from Pre-K to Sixth Grade participated in an annual performance in honor of Veterans Day. The First Graders sang the classic American song “You’re a Grand Old Flag” with great gusto. “We practiced every day until the 10th to get ready for the Veterans Day performance!” exclaimed Zecharyah. “It sort of says thank you to God but we’re also thanking the flag,” mentioned Hadar, while thinking about the song and the Pledge of …

Major Academic and Institutional Initiatives: Highlights for the 2016-17 School Year

I had the opportunity to visit some classrooms during Shabbat Lunch last Friday, as the first week of school was wrapping up. It was heart-warming to see our students, new and returning, engaged in learning and conversation with each other! As the academic year starts to unfold, I am proud to share with you the highlights of our major academic and institutional initiatives: New Leadership Structure by Divisions JPDS-NC now includes three lead educational directors: Director …

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First Days of School Video!

Welcome to the new school year! We were so happy to see our friends and teachers at Meet the Teachers Day and on the First Day of School. Watch our “First Days of School” video to see the smiling faces filling our hallways and classrooms. We look forward to a great 2016-17 school year!

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