Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation's Capital

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Statement of Philosophy

חנך לנער על פי דרכו גם כי יזקין לא יסור ממנה

Teach a child according to his own way;
He will not swerve from it even in old age.
Proverbs 22:6

At JPDS-NC we believe that children learn best in a safe, child-centered environment, with high-quality, capable teacherswho provide personalized attention in an atmosphere of caring and respect. We provide rich, hands-on learning experiences for students with a wide range of learning styles, encompassing all areas of development (cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social and physical) and providing the students withthe opportunities to make independent choices and construct their own meaning. The school maintains high academic expectations of all students while striving to individualize instruction to meet diverse academic needs. By emphasizing the importance of middot (values), JPDS-NC strives to create a school culture of integrity, open and effective communication, collaboration and accountability, as well as to foster the development of a community of life-long learners.

We strive to foster in our students a strong sense of self and healthy self-esteem and confidence. The faculty encourages our students to ask questions, challenge assumptions and take risks in their learning, while developing in them their critical thinking skills and organization skills. The school cultivates the leadership abilities of children along with a sense of personal accountability and communal responsibility. By emphasizing the importance of the spiritual side of our children, we encourage their sense of wonder and gratefulness, their empathy, generosity and kindness, their acceptance of differences and their ability to consider multiple perspectives. We foster our students’ advocacy skills, for themselves and for others, and we emphasize the understanding of what it takes to be a respectful member of the community, a team player and a good friend, laying the foundation for pro-social behavior. We endeavor to accomplish these goals in an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, curiosity, creativity, warmth and joy, laying the foundation for future academic success.

Working together in close cooperation, families, faculty and administration at JPDS-NC strive to guide each child in developing independence, autonomy and awareness to reach his or her highest potential as human being, Jew and citizen of the next generation.



"At JPDS-NC, we provide an environment that inspires children and allows them to thrive. Here, they practice the arts of trying and of persevering. They secure foundations. They face challenges and find a safe environment to make mistakes and to move on. They resolve inter-personal conflicts. They ask questions and pursue passions. They learn, and they prepare themselves to continue learning joyfully for a lifetime."





Kay and Robert Schattner Center   |   North Campus - 6045 16th Street, NW   |   South Campus - 4715 16th Street, NW   |   Washington, DC 20011   |   202-291-JPDS (5737)

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The Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital is an independent, community Jewish day school that offers a dual curriculum of General and Judaic studies for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6. The school is coeducational, and welcomes students from the entire spectrum of Jewish observance.