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First Graders Celebrate Chagigat HaSiddur with their Families

On May 19, First Graders and their families celebrated Chagigat HaSiddur (Celebration of the Prayerbook), a special tradition that has been a part of JPDS-NC for many years. The students sang and recited all the tefillot (prayers) that they learned over the past year. At this milestone celebration, each student was also honored by receiving their very first siddur (prayerbook), which they will use throughout second grade. The students enter first grade knowing only some …

First Graders Name “Fidget Spinners” in Hebrew

The Academy of the Hebrew Language, an Israeli educational institution that creates new Hebrew words, is looking to create a unique Hebrew name for fidget spinners. The Zaytim first grade class accepted the challenge and worked to brainstorm four possible names – which they submitted to the Academy! Their suggestions were: “itzbubon – אִיצְבּוּבוֹן” (a combination of “etzba,” finger, and “sevivon,” top or dreidel), “itzbubon – עִיצְבּוּבוֹן” (a combination of “itzbun,” stimulation, and “sevivon”), “S’viget – סְבִיגֶ’ט” (a …

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First Grade Open House includes exhibits on Rock Creek Park’s History, Flora, and Fauna and Presentation of Original Hebrew Stories

Last week, First Graders exhibited their expertise and creativity at their first Bayit Patuach (Open House) of the year, showcasing models of historic structures built from recycled materials, curated writing portfolios, multimedia representations of animal habitats, and clay sculptures of various plant species. Throughout the first semester, First Grade students explored the theme “Encounters with the Natural World,” with each class engaging in an in-depth study of a specific aspect of Rock Creek Park. The …

South Campus Celebrates Chanukah!

JPDS-NC is celebrating Chanukah! Watch our holiday video and see first graders discuss the story of Chanukah – all in Hebrew! – and hear Kindergartners and first graders sing Chanukah songs! We wish everyone a chag sameach (happy holiday)!

First Graders Reflect on Veterans Day

JPDS-NC students from Pre-K to Sixth Grade participated in an annual performance in honor of Veterans Day. The First Graders sang the classic American song “You’re a Grand Old Flag” with great gusto. “We practiced every day until the 10th to get ready for the Veterans Day performance!” exclaimed Zecharyah. “It sort of says thank you to God but we’re also thanking the flag,” mentioned Hadar, while thinking about the song and the Pledge of …

South Campus Celebrates Lag Ba’Omer

Today, JPDS-NC students celebrated Lag Ba’Omer like they do in Israel – by lighting a bonfire, eating hot potatoes that are cooked in the bonfire, and with a lot of spirited singing. Enjoy this video of our Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade students at their joyful Lag Ba’Omer celebration! We also invite you to see our Lag Ba’Omer album on Facebook.

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Making Thinking Visible Through the Use of Materials

If you walk in the front door of South Campus this week, you might see First Grade students and teachers digging through big boxes and recyclables to be used for prototypes of homes in a polar climate. You also might see Kindergarten students manipulating clay to create their final model of a queen bee. In the sadnah (studio), you might overhear a Pre-Kindergartner explaining to a peer her plan to cut the fabric she found into the perfect bimah (platform) for the …

Rock Creek Park Project Highlights Multi-Faceted Learning

Walking among towering trees, a fish-filled creek, and a brick-lined Peirce Mill, parents visiting JPDS-NC’s South Campus on January 21st could have thought they were taking a ramble through Rock Creek Park. Instead, they were appreciating first graders’ scaled model of the natural treasure that lies not a mile from our classroom doors, the culmination of their semester-long inquiry. What might have remained hidden from visitors, however, is how this work represented so much more …

First Day of School Video

The first day of school at JPDS-NC was filled with learning, laughter, and excitement. Click here to watch a video of some of the day’s special moments.

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First Graders Celebrate Chagigat HaSiddur

Chagigat HaSiddur is a celebration where the first graders at JPDS-NC get new siddurim (prayerbooks) to show what we learned in Hebrew and Judaic Studies this year. To prepare, we did Tefillah (prayer) every day and learned more over time. We prepared a story about the Ten Commandments. We also practiced singing and praying together on the big stage. At Chagigat HaSiddur, we first sat down on benches with our whole grade, shortest to tallest, …

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