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Students Express, Experience, and Extend Hebrew Learning on Zoo Field Trip

“Hiney Chitah!” (Here is a Cheetah!) “Ani roeh Dov Panda betzeva shachor velavan.” (I see a Panda Bear whose colors are black and white.) “Hapanda ochelet alim.” (The panda is eating leaves.) “Hadov yoshev al sela.” (The bear is sitting on a rock.) These conversations in Hebrew and many more were heard not in the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, but in the National Zoo in Washington, DC. JPDS-NC Third Graders went on their first “Hebrew field trip” …

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Exploring Public Land Use: A Third Grade Election Project Update

Third Graders are focusing on public lands as an important issue for the upcoming election. Their study includes defining what public lands are, exploring how they should be used, and determining whose role it is to take care of them. The topic of public land use dovetails with the Third Grade curriculum which includes learning about land forms in the different regions of the United States and in the individual state that each student is …

Third Graders Visit the Shofar Factory

Third Graders at JPDS-NC are getting ready for the high holidays. This week, they went to the Shofar Factory where they learned about the process of making a shofar and what makes it kosher – and then each student got to make one of their own! Check out their video.

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Third Grade Megillah Reader Featured on Jewish Braille Institute Website

Yasher Koach to Batya S., who is featured on the homepage of Jewish Braille Institute International (JBI). The website includes a link to a video of Batya’s extraordinary and inspiring reading of Megillat Esther. The Third Grader read beautifully from her braille megillah as part our campus-wide Purim celebration. Kol Hakavod to Batya! And thank you to the JBI Library for providing the megillah. The JBI Library enables individuals who are blind, visually impaired, physically …

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From Tomahawks to Tipis at the Third Grade American Indian Museum

The third grade classes made an American Indian Museum. All fifty-one students in the grade worked to research and make displays about different Native American tribes. We learned about the Sioux, the Cherokee, the Northwest Coast, and the Iroquois tribes. For our museum, the students made everything from tomahawks to tipis to feather headdresses. Students also made many posters with pictures and information about animals, medicines, tools, and clothing. More than 100 people came to …

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Third Graders Celebrate their Learning at Chagigat HaChumash

Friday was a great day to learn Torah at JPDS-NC! The third graders celebrated receiving their first chumash (a copy of the Torah, the Jewish Bible) at Chagigat HaChumash (Celebration of the Chumash). “Chagigat HaChumash was a great experience for learning about the Torah and getting our chumashim,” said Nathan Szubin. Students and their parents learned about the Torah in five stations: students practiced Torah calligraphy, learned about the Torah as a tree of life, …

News from the Design Lab: Our Sukkah Design Challenge

At the heart of our Design Lab is the strategy of Design Thinking. Design Thinking is an approach to learning that includes contemplating real-world problems, conducting research, participating in reflective thinking and analysis, conceiving original ideas, conducting experiments, and sometimes building things! To introduce the North Campus students to the newly designated Design Lab and to practice Design Thinking, students and teachers participated in a Sukkah Design Challenge. We began by teaching students that Design …

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First Day of School Video

The first day of school at JPDS-NC was filled with learning, laughter, and excitement. Click here to watch a video of some of the day’s special moments.

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JPDS-NC Volunteers in the Community

Part of our mission at JPDS-NC is to teach our students to become knowledgeable, responsible Jews and citizens. Through learning and action, we foster an environment that inspires and deepens our students’ commitment to Jewish living and values, to the community at large, and to the people and state of Israel. Through in-school programs such as Yom Chesed (Good Deeds Day) and the Shuk for Shalom, classroom-based mitzvah projects, the drives and volunteer opportunities sponsored …

Third Graders Discuss Their Comprehensive Study of U.S. States

Every third grader at JPDS-NC gets to study their own state for the whole year. We did a lot of research and worked on different projects. We studied the land forms and animals, and then made dioramas and designed logos about our states. “We learned about Native Americans in our state, and went on research trip to the Smithsonian. Then we made our own museum about the Hopi, Sioux, Cherokee, Iroquois and tribes of the …