Middle School Program

Educational Vision

We are a Jewish School for a Global World. We are …

  • Driven by Academic Excellence

  • Rooted in Jewish Scholarship and Culture

  • Strengthened through a Diverse and Inclusive Community

  • Enriched by Meaningful Connections

  • Inspired by Students’ Capabilities

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Students As…

  • We see our students as

    unique individuals with limitless potential.

  • We see our students as

    inspired learners capable of reaching the highest levels of academic scholarship.

  • We see our students as

    valued members of a diverse and inclusive Jewish community, and as curious, respectful global citizens.

  • We see our students as

    empathetic and thoughtful leaders who can contribute to their world, now and in the future.

  • Our students will see

    and seize their own potential.

  • Our students will see themselves as




    explorers of Jewish text,



    researchers and producers.