New Spaces

Beit Midrash

The design of the light-filled Beit Midrash is inspired by the open curve of a shofar. This will be a space for learning, tefilah (prayer), and a blossoming of creativity within our tradition. Students will study with partners, learn with community members, and delve into Jewish texts both ancient and modern, engaging with the questions, values, and analysis that these sources demonstrate and inspire.

Middle School Commons

The Middle School Commons will be a place for students to enjoy the company of friends, work in small groups, listen to music, draw, relax, and explore their growing independence and self-confidence in an informal and unstructured setting. The Commons will include nooks and semi-private spaces, as well as table seating, bench seating, and bean bags to meet the varying needs of the students.

Rooftop Field

On the rooftop field, students will be able to run, play, laugh, compete, and let out their abundant energy during recess and at after-school sports programs. Students can use the ample space for sports such as soccer, lacrosse, flag football, field hockey, and more. Surrounded by a 15′ fence, the field will include bench seating for students to relax between games and to cheer on their friends.


The Auditorium/Gymnasium will be an exciting base of operations for the school’s dancers, musicians, dramatic actors, and athletes, as well as a comfortable space for recesses, PE classes, indoor sports practices and games, and whole-school events and programs. The gymnasium will feature a regulation-size basketball court as well as bleachers to house our student athletes’ cheering fans.

Middle School Library & Media Center

Whether perusing student works or accessing our collection of English and Hebrew print and multimedia resources, the Middle School Library and Media Center will be a space for students to research, discover, collaborate, and simply relax with a good book. The library will be enriched by our students’ own works, just as the library enriches the life and learning of students.

Elementary School Library

The Elementary School Library will be a place for students to experience the thrill of discovery – whether a research topic or a new favorite author. The library will include fiction and nonfiction, picture books, reference books, multimedia, and periodicals in both Hebrew and English. Like the Middle School Library & Media Center, it will also feature the extraordinary published works of our students.

Design Lab

The Design Lab will promote student engagement in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The space will provide students with hands-on learning opportunities to deepen their understanding in all subject areas. We will also have portable Design Lab Carts, bringing materials and equipment into classrooms to extend our students’ learning experiences.

Middle School Science Lab

In the Middle School Science Lab, students will delve into stimulating projects and develop essential laboratory, research, experimentation, and analysis skills. Whether the students are studying biology, chemistry, physics, or earth sciences, research laboratories will enhance the academic curriculum and foster students’ creativity, planning, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Elementary School Science Lab

The Elementary School Science Lab will be a space for creative investigation, hands-on learning, and discovery, helping students follow their curiosity, develop their competencies, and explore their potential as researchers, engineers, and scientists. Using the inquiry model, students will develop questions, design experiments, observe, make predictions, and test their hypotheses.

Art Room

The Art Room will be a dedicated space for students of all ages to find inspiration, explore the elements of art and principles of design, develop technical skills, and delve more deeply into learning experiences across all subject areas. Our integrated arts program will foster in students aesthetic understanding, imagination, creativity, problem solving, and critical analysis.

Music Room

The Music Room will be a space for students to compose, arrange, play and mash up music with a variety of instruments and media. In our music program, students will learn and hone technique, practice collaboration skills, and find new avenues for creative expression. Music will be taught as part of our core curriculum, our integrated arts approach, and as an after school option.

Outdoor Classroom

The outdoor classroom will extend learning beyond traditional classrooms, providing students with a unique and idyllic natural setting for contemplation, personal growth, communal learning and deeper connections. The outdoor classroom will help support the whole child, nurturing their sense of wonder, spirit of exploration, and appreciation for the natural world.


New features will open up the North Campus so that our school can support students and welcome visitors of different ages and abilities. These include a new accessible main entrance to the building, an elevator enabling all students, staff and visitors to use the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors with ease, as well as a newly designed outdoor playscape built with accessible amenities for use by all children.

Natural Playscape

Children will cherish their time running, jumping, playing games, and concocting elaborate adventures at the new natural playscape. The space will provide children with opportunities to gain confidence, learn new skills, connect with nature, strengthen friendships, and just have fun. Built with some ADA-accessible amenities, the playground will serve children of diverse ages and abilities.

Reception Area

The expanded North Campus will include a new entryway with a security access control system. Guests will enter through a sealed vestibule, supported by a security desk and a surveillance system. Once inside, guests will enjoy the warmth and ease of a beautiful open space and inviting lobby layout. The new lobby will be the central point of welcome and a natural hub at the core of the North Campus.