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Literacy for the 21st Century Student: Foundational Computer Languages and Programming in Middle School Curriculum

Computer literacy is becoming an expectation and a necessity, a critical skill for engaging with and contributing to the world in the 21st Century. In our middle school, all students will become more familiar and experienced with the foundations of computer programming through required and elective courses. Our courses in computer languages and programming will be designed to not only bolster the passions of students with an interest in this field, but to ignite the curiosity …

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Computer Science and Programming

Dedicated time and a thoughtful curriculum on the basics of computer science and programming will allow our students to develop an increasingly necessary and sought-after skill set. In addition to developing technical skills, research shows that learning basic programming can increase problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, creativity, and persistence. All our students will engage with required courses involving programming and robotics. Students will learn multiple programming languages, including Java and Python, and will also be encouraged …

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