First Graders Name “Fidget Spinners” in Hebrew

The Academy of the Hebrew Language, an Israeli educational institution that creates new Hebrew words, is looking to create a unique Hebrew name for fidget spinners. The Zaytim first grade class accepted the challenge and worked to brainstorm four possible names – which they submitted to the Academy! Their suggestions were: “itzbubon – אִיצְבּוּבוֹן” (a combination of “etzba,” finger, and “sevivon,” top or dreidel), “itzbubon – עִיצְבּוּבוֹן” (a combination of “itzbun,” stimulation, and “sevivon”), “S’viget – סְבִיגֶ’ט” (a …

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Happy Passover Video!

Chag Same’ach! Happy Passover! We hope you enjoy this video of our students learning and celebrating Pesach!

The Rokdim B’Yachad (Dancing Together) Dance-a-Thon

On Wednesday, nearly 250 students, parents, staff, alumni and friends came together for an evening of dancing at the 2017 Rokdim B’Yachad (Dancing Together) Dance-a-Thon. Together the JPDS-NC community raised over $3,100 for the Jewish Federation’s Israel Wildfire Emergency Fund. The evening included Israeli dances galore – even the JPDS-NC panda made it out onto the dance floor! – and participants enjoyed performances by the Yesodot Israeli Dance troupe featuring several JPDS-NC alumni, and the …

Israel Education

The middle school will continue to deepen the personal connection between our students and Medinat Yisrael (the State of Israel), its people, languages, and cultures. The centrality of Israel in Jewish life and the narrative of the Jewish people, past and present, will be at the core of our approach, which will culminate in an 8th grade trip to Israel. As middle schoolers, students will continue their learning by engaging in more sophisticated and complex discourses about …

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In the News: Washington Jewish Week covers 10th Anniversary Rabin Lecture

At the 10th Anniversary Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro spoke with Washington Post Editorial Writer Charles Lane about Rabin’s legacy and the current political situation in Israel. The community also heard personal remarks by Yuval Rabin, son of the late Prime Minister. Read the Washington Jewish Week article about the event and Ambassador Shapiro’s remarks.

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Traditions and Core Values

Traditions abound at JPDS-NC. As I hear the students practicing speeches for graduation, I see how longstanding JPDS-NC traditions stand out and deeply shape our students’ overall experience. TEVA, the New York trip, Chagigat HaSiddur, historic site guides and kindergarten self-portraits have become a part of the anthology of the JPDS-NC experience. Like these great student traditions, the Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture has emerged as a beloved community-wide rite of passage for all of us …

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South Campus Celebrates Lag Ba’Omer

Today, JPDS-NC students celebrated Lag Ba’Omer like they do in Israel – by lighting a bonfire, eating hot potatoes that are cooked in the bonfire, and with a lot of spirited singing. Enjoy this video of our Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten and First Grade students at their joyful Lag Ba’Omer celebration! We also invite you to see our Lag Ba’Omer album on Facebook.

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JPDS-NC Fourth Graders Perform and Teach Israeli Dance to Area Students at Embassy of Israel

The Fourth Grade Trailblazers class was invited to a special program at the Embassy of Israel on Friday, May 20. A Fifth Grade class from Hearst Elementary School was invited too. We performed an Israeli dance routine for everyone. Every year, JPDS-NC has an Israeli Dance Performance. We performed the choreography from that show. Then we taught two dances to the Hearst students, and they learned very fast. The Embassy of Israel adopted Hearst Elementary …

JPDS-NC Celebrates Yom Ha’atzmaut

JPDS-NC had a school-wide, all-day celebration for Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day! The students spent the day traveling to cities and special places in Israel. In Yerushalayim, younger students built the Kotel out of boxes and wrote notes for it, and older students made trifolds of the three major religions of the city. In Be’er Sheva, they built a Bedouin tent, had tea, played music, and danced. In Haifa, students played games related to the …

Celebrating the Light Within at Rabin Ceremony

On the last day of Chanukah, the whole school gathered for a powerful, light-filled ceremony marking the culmination of the Rabin Curriculum on Conflict Resolution. The program centered on the idea of “light” and the “light within” each person. We built a large artistic chanukiah that filled the back wall of the stage. Each grade, from Pre-Kindergarten to Sixth Grade, received a large, colorful paper cut in the shape of a flame. Every student was invited to …