What Distinguishes MILTON’s Hebrew Program?

Over the past several years, we have worked in partnership with families to incorporate changes and produce an effective, engaging, and rich Hebrew program. We are happy to report that MILTON’s Hebrew students have outperformed national averages in second language acquisition. Our Hebrew education program utilizes best practices and is informed by the latest research in second language acquisition and pedagogy. The program is designed to express our school’s principles and philosophy. Students’ needs and interests are …

Celebrating the Hebrew Language through Poetry, Books, Songs and History

A vital component of MILTON’s Hebrew and Judaic Studies program is to make connections to Israel throughout the year. We achieve this goal by letting our students experience Israeli customs, foods, dances, songs, and stories. This year, as we celebrate Israel’s 70th birthday year-round, we were motivated to bring even more Israeli culture to our students. As part of our Israel education, we introduced the children to two figures who are famous for their contributions …

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Students Create Sculptures and Paintings Inspired by Iconic Israeli Artists

As part of our yearlong celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday, students are learning about prominent Israeli art and artists, and creating paintings and sculptures inspired by these artists’ works. MILTON students were not only introduced to the works of the iconic artists, but to unique media, materials, and techniques as well. Second graders have been exploring the work of Sigalit Landau. Drawing inspiration from the topographical, historical, biblical, cultural, political and environmental realms of the Dead …

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Israel 70th Birthday Celebration Begins with Recreation of U.N. Partition Vote

This week, MILTON kicked off our months-long celebration of Israel in honor of Medinat Israel’s 70th birthday. On November 29, we marked the 70th anniversary of the United Nations Partition Vote granting a Jewish State in part of the ancient land of Israel. Our students re-enacted this historic vote, and celebrated the moment that led to Jewish autonomy in the region for the first time in nearly 2000 years. At our vote, Moetzet Talmidim (Student …

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First Graders Name “Fidget Spinners” in Hebrew

The Academy of the Hebrew Language, an Israeli educational institution that creates new Hebrew words, is looking to create a unique Hebrew name for fidget spinners. The Zaytim first grade class accepted the challenge and worked to brainstorm four possible names – which they submitted to the Academy! Their suggestions were: “itzbubon – אִיצְבּוּבוֹן” (a combination of “etzba,” finger, and “sevivon,” top or dreidel), “itzbubon – עִיצְבּוּבוֹן” (a combination of “itzbun,” stimulation, and “sevivon”), “S’viget – סְבִיגֶ’ט” (a …

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Happy Passover Video!

Chag Same’ach! Happy Passover! We hope you enjoy this video of our students learning and celebrating Pesach!

The Rokdim B’Yachad (Dancing Together) Dance-a-Thon

On Wednesday, nearly 250 students, parents, staff, alumni and friends came together for an evening of dancing at the 2017 Rokdim B’Yachad (Dancing Together) Dance-a-Thon. Together the JPDS-NC community raised over $3,100 for the Jewish Federation’s Israel Wildfire Emergency Fund. The evening included Israeli dances galore – even the JPDS-NC panda made it out onto the dance floor! – and participants enjoyed performances by the Yesodot Israeli Dance troupe featuring several JPDS-NC alumni, and the …

Israel Education

The middle school will continue to deepen the personal connection between our students and Medinat Yisrael (the State of Israel), its people, languages, and cultures. The centrality of Israel in Jewish life and the narrative of the Jewish people, past and present, will be at the core of our approach, which will culminate in an 8th grade trip to Israel. As middle schoolers, students will continue their learning by engaging in more sophisticated and complex discourses about …

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In the News: Washington Jewish Week covers 10th Anniversary Rabin Lecture

At the 10th Anniversary Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro spoke with Washington Post Editorial Writer Charles Lane about Rabin’s legacy and the current political situation in Israel. The community also heard personal remarks by Yuval Rabin, son of the late Prime Minister. Read the Washington Jewish Week article about the event and Ambassador Shapiro’s remarks.

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Traditions and Core Values

Traditions abound at JPDS-NC. As I hear the students practicing speeches for graduation, I see how longstanding JPDS-NC traditions stand out and deeply shape our students’ overall experience. TEVA, the New York trip, Chagigat HaSiddur, historic site guides and kindergarten self-portraits have become a part of the anthology of the JPDS-NC experience. Like these great student traditions, the Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture has emerged as a beloved community-wide rite of passage for all of us …

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