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JPDS-NC Mourns the Loss of Dr. Robert Schattner

It is with great sadness that we recognize the passing of our longtime friend and supporter, Dr. Robert Schattner. From the school’s return to Washington, DC, to its expansion to two campuses, Dr. Schattner’s extraordinary generosity ensured the school’s growth and success through the years. His warmth and charm, often on full display at Veterans Day performances, graduations, and community events, will be missed dearly. Dr. Schattner’s legacy will live on at JPDS-NC as both …

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Fall Alumni Newsletter

We begin this new year full of anticipation for what’s to come, particularly our Election Project and construction of our new middle school and expansion of the North Campus! We are thrilled to share these exciting developments and many others with our ever-supportive and engaged alumni community, and to hear all about our change-making alumni’s exciting experiences and projects in return. Read our Fall Alumni Newsletter to learn more!

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Summer Alumni Newsletter

As we reflect on the past school year and plan ahead, we continue to think about the impact that a JPDS-NC education has had on our students, especially our alumni. Our alumni carry the core values of JPDS-NC with them as they go forth in the world and bring positive change in new surroundings. They are innovative, dynamic, wise, adventurous, and engaged members of the community. Learn more about our amazing alumni by reading the …

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Sixth Graders Create Hebrew-Language Documentary Films Exploring Family Immigration Stories

This spring, Sixth Grade Hebrew students at JPDS-NC began a unit on their family’s history, roots, and journey to America, culminating in each student creating a documentary film in Hebrew about their family’s immigration stories. Throughout this project, the students practiced advanced Hebrew language skills, expressing complex ideas and using rich language in both their writing and speaking. They also honed their language skills by organizing their ideas, constructing a cohesive narrative, and conducting research …

Sixth Graders Meet Holocaust Survivors at Yom HaShoah Commemoration

Last Thursday, JPDS-NC Sixth Graders attended the Yom HaShoah Commemoration at the Lincoln Theater in Washington, D.C. For many, meeting with a Holocaust survivor is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are extremely thankful to have been given that opportunity. We had the privilege of hearing from two inspiring Holocaust survivors, Marione Ingram and Rubin Sztajer. Rubin was in three concentration camps including Bergen-Belsen. He cried while he described the day he was taken …

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Continuing a Cherished Tradition

“Voices of Wisdom” by Francine Klagsburn and “Light of Jewish Lamps” by Sidney Greenberg, two of the many books that I cherish from my father’s library, are propped next to my office computer at JPDS-NC. They sit on my desk as reminders to me that we at JPDS-NC are links in a long history; teachers, students, administrators and staff are connected to a rich past. For some of us it is a personal connection – …

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Third Graders Learn and Celebrate with Family at their Chagigat HaChumash

Last Friday, the third graders celebrated with their families at Chagigat HaChumash (Chumash Celebration). We had a special ceremony where we got our fist Chumash (the Torah in book form) from our Head of School G’veret Reem, and we visited four stations to learn more about the Torah. We felt lucky to get our very own Chumash as third graders and excited to be there with our families. Some of us were a little bit …