Students Create Sculptures and Paintings Inspired by Iconic Israeli Artists

As part of our yearlong celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday, students are learning about prominent Israeli art and artists, and creating paintings and sculptures inspired by these artists’ works. MILTON students were not only introduced to the works of the iconic artists, but to unique media, materials, and techniques as well. Second graders have been exploring the work of Sigalit Landau. Drawing inspiration from the topographical, historical, biblical, cultural, political and environmental realms of the Dead …

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In the News: Kol HaBirah Newspaper covers Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math at MILTON

Kol HaBirah newspaper recently published two features on STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) at MILTON, including recent professional development that our General Studies teachers participated in on the topic of “Making Math Real.” Read the articles online here: “Full STEAM Ahead at MILTON” and “MILTON Teachers Guiding Students Toward Expert Thinking in Math.”

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First Grade Open House includes exhibits on Rock Creek Park’s History, Flora, and Fauna and Presentation of Original Hebrew Stories

Last week, First Graders exhibited their expertise and creativity at their first Bayit Patuach (Open House) of the year, showcasing models of historic structures built from recycled materials, curated writing portfolios, multimedia representations of animal habitats, and clay sculptures of various plant species. Throughout the first semester, First Grade students explored the theme “Encounters with the Natural World,” with each class engaging in an in-depth study of a specific aspect of Rock Creek Park. The …

Building Strong Academic Foundations

Several weeks ago, the Kindergarten students began rotating through their Foundations classes. This year, Kindergarten students will travel twice a week to Language Arts, Science, Math, Sadnah (Studio Art), and Mischak (Play). In each Foundations class, the students are learning foundational skills which they then practice at other times in their classrooms. From the outset, students were excited to meet new teachers and friends, and quickly adapted to traveling to different rooms for each class …

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In Case You Missed It: An Exploration of Outer Space

This week the world watched in delight as NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrived in Jupiter’s orbit after a five-year journey. Some members of the JPDS-NC Class of 2023 may have been particularly excited at this news, after spending their Kindergarten year exploring the wonders of outer space. In case you missed it, please enjoy the article below about the hands-on and in-depth space projects undertaken by some of our youngest students last year – including getting to ask questions to a real …

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JPDS-NC Partners with Kiddovate to Offer “Innovation in Action” Workshops for Area Teachers

This year, we have been offering a series of teacher workshops called Innovation in Action in partnership with Kiddovate. This professional development opportunity is open to JPDS-NC as well as other area teachers. We met three times this school year and have two more sessions to explore innovative teaching strategies. Each workshop explored Kiddovate’s Innovation in Action™ methodology, a Design Thinking process, and focused on specific skills and tools teachers can use in the classroom …

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Making Thinking Visible Through the Use of Materials

If you walk in the front door of South Campus this week, you might see First Grade students and teachers digging through big boxes and recyclables to be used for prototypes of homes in a polar climate. You also might see Kindergarten students manipulating clay to create their final model of a queen bee. In the sadnah (studio), you might overhear a Pre-Kindergartner explaining to a peer her plan to cut the fabric she found into the perfect bimah (platform) for the …


Our students will grow as independent thinkers, confident learners, and purposeful innovators through opportunities to apply their learning to real world problems. Our program will incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts integration, and mathematics) education, design thinking, laboratory investigations, data analysis, and enhanced science literacy, along with the unique resources of the nation’s capital. As students apply content knowledge and skills toward developing solutions to real world challenges, their effort will have greater import and …

Division: Middle School

JPDS-NC Students Build Pesach-Themed Rube Goldberg Machine for Technion Design Challenge

A team of JPDS-NC 5th and 6th graders took on the first ever RAVSAK-Technion Design Challenge! They built a Passover-themed Rube Goldberg machine that journeys through the ten plagues. Check out our behind-the-scenes video!

Exploring Judaic Texts using P’shat, D’rash and Design Thinking

What do a gift-giving bridge, a clay heart, a ring and an altar all have in common? If you had the chance to step into the JPDS-NC Design Lab in the recent few weeks or overheard the fourth graders talking about their ‘Judaic Studies project’, you might know that each of those objects were parts of structures that the students in fourth grade created as a culmination of their first semester of Torah learning. Throughout …