Inquiry and Curiosity: Three JPDS-NC Sixth Graders Participate in DC STEM Fair

Have you ever wondered whether acidic fruit conducts electricity better than less acidic fruit? Or whether the pesticides we use on plants actually impact the growth of those plants? What about considering the effect of temperature on a polymer used for watering plants? Or how the food a chicken eats impacts the color of the yolks of their eggs? All our Sixth Grade students went on a journey of scientific discovery for their Inquiry Projects, …

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Building Strong Academic Foundations

Several weeks ago, the Kindergarten students began rotating through their Foundations classes. This year, Kindergarten students will travel twice a week to Language Arts, Science, Math, Sadnah (Studio Art), and Mischak (Play). In each Foundations class, the students are learning foundational skills which they then practice at other times in their classrooms. From the outset, students were excited to meet new teachers and friends, and quickly adapted to traveling to different rooms for each class …

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Rosh Hashanah STEM Story Hour

What does Rosh Hashanah have to do with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)? Last Sunday, thirty children from the greater Washington, DC area came to JPDS-NC to find out. Kindergarten teacher Xani Pollakoff and Admission Associate Lindsey Marks led an innovative program that uniquely combined Rosh Hashanah teachings with STEM and design thinking. Children listened to and participated in the telling of the story Engineer Ari and the Rosh Hashanah Ride by Deborah Bodin …

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Economist Leora Klapper Teaches Sixth Graders about Financial Literacy

Last Friday, sixth graders at JPDS-NC were visited by Leora Klapper, an economist at the World Bank and a parent at our school. Ms. Klapper spoke to our class about how to set a budget and manage money so that we can play a role in financing our class trip to New York City this spring. Ms. Klapper began her talk on financial literacy by reflecting upon her first summer in Washington, DC where she …

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Integrating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is considered an essential component of best practices in education. In addition to providing students with dedicated science, math, and programming classes, we will integrate STEM across all disciplines. Consistent with our practice of Design Thinking, students will be encouraged to contemplate real life problems and imagine solutions, research relevant content, learn technical skills, design plans, build prototypes, iterate, present their work, and evaluate their process and product. …

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In Case You Missed It: An Exploration of Outer Space

This week the world watched in delight as NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrived in Jupiter’s orbit after a five-year journey. Some members of the JPDS-NC Class of 2023 may have been particularly excited at this news, after spending their Kindergarten year exploring the wonders of outer space. In case you missed it, please enjoy the article below about the hands-on and in-depth space projects undertaken by some of our youngest students last year – including getting to ask questions to a real …

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Math Teams, Students Score in Math Competitions

At a Math Awards ceremony on Friday, we recognized the achievements of our Math Olympiad team and the 85 individual students who successfully participated in math challenges this year! JPDS-NC placed fourth among all schools in the Maryland Math League and first in the District of Columbia in the math competition for Grade 6 students. Kudos to Noah K. who ranked first among all students in the District of Columbia and third among students in …

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Our students will grow as independent thinkers, confident learners, and purposeful innovators through opportunities to apply their learning to real world problems. Our program will incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts integration, and mathematics) education, design thinking, laboratory investigations, data analysis, and enhanced science literacy, along with the unique resources of the nation’s capital. As students apply content knowledge and skills toward developing solutions to real world challenges, their effort will have greater import and …

Division: Middle School

JPDS-NC Students Build Pesach-Themed Rube Goldberg Machine for Technion Design Challenge

A team of JPDS-NC 5th and 6th graders took on the first ever RAVSAK-Technion Design Challenge! They built a Passover-themed Rube Goldberg machine that journeys through the ten plagues. Check out our behind-the-scenes video!

First Place Wins for JPDS-NC Students and Alumni Students at DC STEM Fair

Two JPDS-NC sixth grade students and two alumni students were awarded first-place ribbons and special prizes at the DC STEM Fair. The DC STEM Fair is the premier science event for students in grades 6 to 12 who attend independent and public schools in the nation’s capital. Sixth graders Gabriel B. and Yael N. earned first-place ribbons for their projects in the respective categories of Physics and Energy. We also want to congratulate Lincoln A., …

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