JPDS-NC Faculty Teams Awarded Two of Six Kohelet Prizes for Excellence in Jewish Education

JPDS-NC’s faculty teams were awarded two of the six 2017 Kohelet Prizes for Excellence in Jewish Education. The Kindergarten General Studies team – comprised of Lisa Davis, Xani Pollakoff, and Vas Pournaras – won the “Award for Development of Critical and/or Creative Thinking” category for the Community Library Project from the 2015-2016 school year. A cross-grade, multi-disciplinary team – comprised of Hanina Goldstein, Mindy Hirsch, Kelly McAllester, Vinny Prell, Melissa Rickabaugh, and Devorah Yeganeh – received the …

South Campus Celebrates Chanukah!

JPDS-NC is celebrating Chanukah! Watch our holiday video and see first graders discuss the story of Chanukah – all in Hebrew! – and hear Kindergartners and first graders sing Chanukah songs! We wish everyone a chag sameach (happy holiday)!

Introducing the New JPDS-NC Siddur: Siddur Am Echad

We are delighted to introduce the fourth edition of the JPDS-NC siddur (prayerbook). Nine years ago, we embarked on our quest for a multi-denominational, kid-friendly siddur. Unable to find such a thing, we created our own and have been successfully using it for the past six years. With this newest edition, we have renamed it Siddur Am Echad, literally, “the siddur of one people,” or alternatively and more in line with our vision, “the siddur of a unified people.” Jews of …

Mazal Tov to Adina Kanefield

Dear JPDS-NC community, I want to let you know that Adina Kanefield will be leaving her position as Director of Institutional Advancement to take a new position as the Deputy Director of the Edlavitch DCJCC. Adina has been a leader and partner with me, the Board, and our entire community on so many of our strategic initiatives related to the school’s growth and success. I am sad to see her leave her position, but I …

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Happy Thanksgiving from JPDS-NC!

We wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, and extend our thanks to the community for their involvement, commitment and support! Enjoy this Thanksgiving video from our students and staff!

Exploring Public Land Use: A Third Grade Election Project Update

Third Graders are focusing on public lands as an important issue for the upcoming election. Their study includes defining what public lands are, exploring how they should be used, and determining whose role it is to take care of them. The topic of public land use dovetails with the Third Grade curriculum which includes learning about land forms in the different regions of the United States and in the individual state that each student is …

Fall Alumni Newsletter

We begin this new year full of anticipation for what’s to come, particularly our Election Project and construction of our new middle school and expansion of the North Campus! We are thrilled to share these exciting developments and many others with our ever-supportive and engaged alumni community, and to hear all about our change-making alumni’s exciting experiences and projects in return. Read our Fall Alumni Newsletter to learn more!

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Kids Delve into the Issues – An Election Project Update

As the JPDS-NC Election Project 2016 continues, students in all grades have been conducting research on their grade’s assigned topic and engaging in deep conversations with guest speakers, with students in other grades and at other schools, and with each other. Sixth Grade – Political Messaging: Sixth Grade students produced videos summarizing the positions of the major political parties on key issues. The videos cover the topics that students in Second through Fifth Grades are researching for …

Students Speak Out – An Election Project Update

As students delve into their grade-specific issues for our Election Project, they’ve also been exploring the question of whether adults should listen to the opinions of children when it comes to these important issues and the election in general. We asked the children: “You can’t vote, but should you have a voice in this process?” Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes, with evolving viewpoints up through the grades. Find out what our children have to say… …

Major Academic and Institutional Initiatives: Highlights for the 2016-17 School Year

I had the opportunity to visit some classrooms during Shabbat Lunch last Friday, as the first week of school was wrapping up. It was heart-warming to see our students, new and returning, engaged in learning and conversation with each other! As the academic year starts to unfold, I am proud to share with you the highlights of our major academic and institutional initiatives: New Leadership Structure by Divisions JPDS-NC now includes three lead educational directors: Director …

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